5 Blackhat Seo Techniques In 2018 That Can Penalize Your Website

Chirag Shah
February 16, 2018
blackhat to avoid in 2018

People are found under the perception of taking SEO tactics as a wild forest where they can try any tactic to hit a deer. At times a hit in the dark may turn out to be a great one but at the end, a foolproof and well-planned tactic only work in the long run.

Something like this applies to SEO as well. If somebody told you about the black hat SEO tactics and the benefits it can offer you then you need to wait and think whether should you adopt them or not.

Black Hat SEO Technique

Often in the SEO world, you will hear this term but hardly people know about it. In simple words, the Black Hat SEO tactics are the ones that are used to increase the website traffic and improve search engine rankings which are not permissible as per Google law. In short, these are illegal SEO techniques that might help you increase your website ranking easily but in the long run, can penalize your website.

You need to contact your nearest SEO company in Ahmedabad that will tell you in detail about this.

A Few Common Black Hat Techniques to Avoid

Stuffing Keywords

Keyword Stuffing to Avoid

This is a very common technique that is used by many SEO experts but often this technique fails in the long run. Google does not pay heed to keyword stuffing and look for quality on your website. This is what Google says about Keywords stuffing. Once you have found all the relevant keywords, you might be tempted to all of them to the content somehow, but, this is not right. It is important that your keyword density (keywords repetition must not be more than 2%).


Clocking To Avoid

Cloaking refers to the activity where you show different content to the crawlers and different content to the users. One example could be you are showing different keywords and titles to the crawlers whereas your original content is entirely different.

Link Exchange

Link Exchange to Avoid

Google look for links in your website. The more your website linked is attached to other places the better are your chances to come in the top ranks. But this should be natural and helpful to the users. Links are available for purchase but one thing should be kept in mind that the context of the link must be relevant. If Google finds that your inbound links are fake and irrelevant, it will harm your website. Please refer what Google says about Link schemes.

Spamming Social Network

Social Spamming to Avoid

Uploading links on social media is definitely not a blackhat technique, everyone does it. But, putting links every now and then without adding any relevant information leads to spamming and that is a strict no.

Article Spinning

Article Spinning to Avoid

This is very common in SEO. The SEO persons use one unique content, get it re-written and put it again on the website. Article spinning reduces the quality of your content, it is not meant for readers and it will harm your website rankings. This will also reduce the number of places where you can put your article.

A quality website should stay away from the Blackhat techniques and you should always take help from a trustworthy SEO company in Ahmedabad, which does not exercise any such illegal practices.

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