13 Free & Online Tools to Promote Your Business Digitally

Chirag Shah
February 6, 2019
13 Free & Online Tools to Promote Your Business

The astounding growth of digital marketing has surpassed all other marketing methods over the last few years. This new marketing trend is providing a plethora of advantages over the other marketing methods and that’s why companies are adopting this new trend. If you want to firmly establish your presence online, you need to rigorously promote your business in all digital marketing mediums. This will not only expand your reach but also uplifts your brand value and images.

Here, we are mentioning some free yet effective online tools which will help you to promote your business digitally in a successful way.

Domain Selection tool

1. Knowem:


This is a popular and free online tool which helps you to check for the prime use of your brands, products, personal name or username instantaneously. With the help of this tool, you can check on over 500 well-known and thriving social media websites.

At first, you need to check the availability of your brand name by typing the name in the given link. It will help you to hold a brand name which is not available anywhere and also helps you to create a brand reputation. So without wasting any time, just grab your name and protect your brand before your competitor does.

Website structure creation tool

2. Mockflow.com:


This is the only solution which will help you to plan your UI/UX. With the help of this tool, you can easily visualize interfaces, document styles, plan IA and approve designs. This is the time to plan and design better user interfaces together within a single suit.

By using this tool, you can create wireframe and UI for your website in free and you will also get an idea of how your website will look when your customers will use it.

Free Hosting solution

3. Web hosting in free:

now, you can easily build your website with the free web hosting tool. You can also get PHP, MySQL, Website builder, and domain name in free with it. You just need to sign up in the account and you will get free cpanel access with limited space. Thus, you can host a website without investing a single penny.

Find relevant keywords for your website

4. Keyword Everywhere: 


The Keyword Everywhere Extension is a free keyword tool which you can easily install either on Firefox or Google Chrome. With the help of this tool, you can get useful google keyword search volume and cost per click data on various websites. This tool is beneficial for online advertisers, bloggers, content and copywriters who are frustrated with the back and forth steps of SEO research. This tool also saves a chunk of time because with it you can get rid of copying data from multifarious sites. This tool also helps you to find out long-tail phrases with their exact search volume, CPC, and data from the competitors’ sites.

At first, create a list that usually your users searches for your business from your targeted zone. If you want to success, you need to identify and reach your targeted audiences.

Website Optimization tool

5. Gtmetrix:


This tool helps you to know how your website loads on browsers and also gives an important recommendation regarding how can you optimize it.

With the help of this tool, you can know whether your site is loading speedily or in a slow way. It also gives suggestion how can you improve the score.

6. Sitemap creation tool:


This is a free online tool which is required when you need to create a sitemap for a small website (up to 500) pages. You don’t need to register yourself, but you will get sitemaps immediately. You can simply download XML sitemap file or you can receive the link via email and now, just put it on your website. Then, you just need to enter your website URL by using the above-mentioned form and click the “START” button to proceed.

To get the result, you need to give the information of all pages to any crawler from the central file with a structured and organized way.

7. Open graph creation tool:


Now you have an adequate idea regarding how can you enhance your website’s traffic by creating it as an entity on Facebook and other social media sites. This is the easiest way to create the required open graph meta tags. You don’t need to do any coding on HTML or even don’t need to remember the sequence by which you can create the tags. By using a very handy open graphs meta tags tool, you can achieve it.

This open graph creation tool will embrace you with the code which you need to pass your developer to make it live.

8. Rich Snippet testing tool:


By using structured data, Google usually understands the content on the page. You just need to provide specific and imperative information about your site which will improve your site’s display in richer features in search engine results. If you don’t have an adequate idea about it, just visit Understand how structured data works.

Just use the filter to choose a feature that meets the type of website which you are running. For example, if your website is about intriguing recipes and online cooking courses, you must choose Food and Drink, Education and Science, and Universal from the dropdown menu.

With the help of rich snippet code, you can get your website content in a structured way. Find out the important things for your website and ask your developer to incorporate them into the site.

Website check for content and readers point of view

9. Grammarly:


This is the tool which will correct grammar and spelling of your content. This tool eradicates errors and will provide you with the suitable words to express yourself.

Check your website content with this tool so that there is no grammar and spelling mistake. Always try to provide your reader with the impeccable grammar content.

Data Measurement tools

10. Google Analytics:


This is a premium analytics tool which is offered by Google to track and report your website’s traffic. This tool is launched by Google in November 2005.

This tool will improve your business efficiency and will give you a good ROI.

Spy on competitors’ Backlink

11. Google Alert:


This is a content change detection and notification service tool which is offered by the eminent search engine Google. The tool usually sends emails to the user when it finds new results (web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, or scientific research) that are matched with the user’s search term.

By using this tool, you can monitor your competitors by adding their names and your targeted keywords. You will get an email when new content is published on the google.

Social media promotion

12. Buffer:


By using this tool, the marketing team can easily schedule posts, analyse performance, and manage all accounts in one place.

Now, you can easily promote your content on various social media channels from a single place and can save a chunk of money.

Store data and work management

13. Google drive:


Here, you can store photos, drawings, stories, videos, recordings, and many more. First 15GB storage is free with a Google account.

Google spreadsheet: Google spreadsheet portrays your data with colourful graphs and charts. There are built-in formulas, pivotal tables, and formatting options which make your job easier and save a lot of time.

Google Docs: Now you can easily edit and add styling tools to your document to make it more compelling and intriguing. There are an array of fonts, add links, images, and drawings.

These are some tools in the digital marketing world which will help you to establish your business globally.

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