5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Digital Marketing Agency

Chirag Shah
March 18, 2019
Digital Marketing Company in India

Well, every year several companies take a call on changing their advertising and digital marketing agency for many reasons. The agencies that are highly targetted are creative, media, and digital agencies. Usually, we always believe in sticking to one marketing agency and set there for a long time for better results. But at times, it becomes imperative to take a stern decision because the current digital agency is not being fair to you.

The following are the signs that will tell you if you need to change your digital marketing company in India:

  • The Agency is not transparent :

Ideally, your agency should regularly update you on the current campaign performance, budget, trends, additional costs and so on. It has been observed that many of hte digital marketing agencies are not transparent about the cost of the project leading to distrust between the agency and the client.

You should always keep the communication doors open for the client. Many digital marketers complain that the clients do not provide them with complete details about the requirement. Communicate well always.

  • The Agency is not able to meet goals :

You can think of changing your digital marketing company when you think that the agency is not meeting the set goals. When you come in contact with a digital marketing company, your digital agency must give provide you with some realistic goals, performance metrics along with the deadlines. You need to keep checking the performance and if you feel they are unable to meet the goals, you can take a call.

Does your agency know how to learn from its earlier failed campaigns?

  • The Agency is not providing you with fair reports :

Well, your digital marketing company in India should provide a regular report on how it is measuring the success of the campaigns, the adjustments that are being done to keep things on track, benchmark performance, suggesting new tactics and strategies and implementation of contractual responsibilities.

You need to know the ROI on this money spent on the digital marketing campaigns. Does your agency provide you with enough data that tell you about the ROI?

  • The Agency is not able to strategize the work :

Change your digital marketing company if the company is not able to strategize with you well. You have hired the company to accomplish certain monthly, quarterly and annual goals. The agency must provide you with all this data. The inputs from the company should be considered on both the tactical as well as strategic levels. Your agency must know how to think strategically. If it cannot, you should reach out to one that can.

  • The Agency is not entertaining your feedback :

A good digital marketing agency will always ask for your feedback. Feedbacks are very important for improvement in life. Your agency should be aware to ask for feedbacks on a monthly or quarterly basis. If it is not doing that, it is not serious in its work.

A great digital marketing company in India will always look for comments and feedback from the client.

You need to stay a little cautious while working with your digital marketing company. We hope the above signs will help you know if your marketing agency is doing well with your marketing campaigns. If it is not, it is the time to change your digital marketing partner for good.

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