5 Things To Consider When You List Your Business On Google Local

Chirag Shah
January 19, 2018
Google MY Business Tips

Being a digital marketer, if you have not heard about Google My Business then it is the correct time you take in some insights on it and learn how this term is important to your digital marketing strategies. Google My Business is your business profile on Google that has all the local data Google needs to know about your business to list you on the search page. If you have ever observed, Google will always show the local places first on the search page. So for example, if a user searches for a restaurant; Google will first check the user’s location and then provide a list of nearby restaurants. In simple words, listing your business on Google local is extremely important.

Listed below are a few things any digital marketing company in Ahmedabad should consider before listing the business on Google local:

Provide Complete Data and Verify your location

Local Business Verified

This is the most important task while you put your business on Google. Make sure all the information you provide is accurate and check spelling and grammar before you submit your data. As these hygienic issues will degrade your ranking on the search page. Also, before you update your location, verify it at the back end and provide the accurate address so that Google knows where are you based exactly.

Make use of Good Pictures

Google Photos Suggestions

Take some professional photographs of your local office and put them on google. Google loves photos and videos and on the basis of these, your website will be ranked higher. Not only will Google be attracted to your photos but your prospective customers can also make it out whether are your offering what they are looking for?

Provide Accurate Information on Opening Hours

Google My Business Select Hours Tips

Definitely, your business has the opening and closing hours. So think about it and give the exact information on this. If on some days, you have kept special hours or something then mention it there. Customers do look for the opening hours before they decide to buy your product or hire your services.

Citations for your local listing

Citations for Business

You can make use of good citations pertaining to your business on your website. The citations help your business up to a great extent and the reference links will make the customers understand your business better.

Try and get positive reviews on GMB

Google My Business Reviews

This is one of the most important tasks on Google local. Firstly, you need to encourage your customers to provide reviews on your Google My Business and once you get the reviews, you need to revert a thank you note to the customer. If the review is bad then you need to talk to your customer personally and try to resolve the issues. This way you can make your customers feel secure and Google will also know that you are active in your Google local.

The task is yet not over. Google will rank your website based on three important factors viz; Relevance, Distance, and Prominence. So, your Google My Business should be developed in such a way that these things become for you and you come ahead in the search results. For every small thing, we have Google with us and with the increased popularity of Google, the digital marketing companies in Ahmedabad have many things to provide to their clients.

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