Babaria IP: SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

Chirag Shah
February 22, 2019

Today, every business understands the importance of digital marketing. Off late, every business person, no matter, if he or she is an owner of a food restaurant chain or a legal service firm, has understood that there is no way out without adopting the digital marketing techniques to promote the business.

When Babaria IP, which is a full-service legal firm reached out to us, the Shoutnhike team realized how digital marketing has influenced all the business persons in the world. Dealing with Babaria IP was definitely challenging because that was a technical business and our marketing campaigns needed to be in cue with the technicalities of their business.

Babaria IP

Babaria IP is a professional law firm with a set of defined mission and stern working principles. Their specialized services include market research, project management, intellectual property rights and so on. The first was founded in the year 2015 in the city of Ahmedabad but now, it is gradually planning to extend its wings across the country.

Their specialized services include anything related to the IP matters from the filing of a patent, registration, prosecuting patents, industrial designs, trademarks and copyrights that further includes renewals, licensing and enforcement.

Reason to come to Shoutnhike

The founded came to know about Shoutnhike as one of the leading SEO and digital marketing companies in Ahmedabad. The founder arrived and meet our whole team. His idea was to develop digital marketing campaigns based on Google Organic and other SEO activities. They did not want to go for more of paid marketing and wanted to focus on the organic way of diverting traffic.

The Challenges we faced

When a client already has an online presence, it is easier to correct the mistakes made earlier. But, Babaria IP did not have anything to showcase online. We had to start everything from scratch and gradually climb the ladder to reach the summit. However, it was not easy. Babaria IP had their own business niche and we wanted them to stand out from their competitors. Moreover, we had to work hard on their social media presence as well.

Shoutnhike’s Approach

Babaria IP did have a very basic website and our first target was to redesign the whole website with good performance, amazing UI/UX features along with a faster speed. We followed the same approach that we usually follow with all our clients. We picked up the problems one by one and resolved them gradually:

1. As stated, the first target was a website redesign. We optimized the website to provide a world-class look along with the best functionality. We did everything from the branding point of view.

2. We worked on the page loading speed and made sure that no webpage on the website took more than the required time to load.

3. With the help of Google Adwords expert, we found out all the relevant keywords around IP and patent lawyers for Ahmedabad City and started working on the snippets as well. We created informative blogs from a lead point of view to add the content on the website by infusing the appropriate keywords.

4. The company did not have any social media presence and thus, we worked on the social media platforms for Babaria IP

The Results

After months of hard work, we observed that for most of the keywords that we used, the company was ranked on the first page of the search engine results. The client then told us that he is getting 10-20 more leads per month and this was a big achievement for us.

Our team, as well as the client, looked happy with the performance.

What did the client say?

After taking help from Shoutnhike, our website received a world-class look and the company was ranked top in the Google search page. We received great support from the team and we would suggest everyone consult Shoutnhike for their digital marketing needs.

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