Top Seven Benefits of SEO in Businesses

Chirag Shah
October 25, 2017
Benefits of SEO

With the increasing number of internet users in the world, the popularity of digital marketing has also increased. One main aspect of digital marketing that companies are focusing on is Search engine optimization.

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of managing your business website in a way that it gets higher results in search engines. The main goal of SEO is to increase your company’s leads with organic traffic. Studies say that almost 75% of users only notice the search results of the first page. Thus, if you wish to gain some organic traffic on your website from search engines, SEO becomes an absolute necessity for you.

Here are some of the advantages of using SEO

Start and Manage with a low budget.

Unlike online advertisements, SEO does not require a huge budget. While ads are usually Pay-Per-Click, SEO is like a long-term investment. With some efforts and minimal capital, you can get results for a long time. SEO only brings organic traffic to your website. This means that whether your website traffic increases by 2% or 200%, you only have to pay for the basic SEO costs.

Search Engine referring your business.

A good SEO ranking is like a search engine referring your business. Today customers search online for finding anything and everything. Even when they require a local store near them, they make use of search engines like Google. Thus, if you have a higher search engine rank, they customers are more likely to find your business and approach you.

Reach your customers.

The main benefit of SEO is undoubtedly broader customer outreach. Statistics say that 70% of the links clicked by customers are organic search results. Customers usually prefer organic results over advertisements. Thus, working on search engine optimization for your website will automatically help you reach to more and more customers.

Increase your sales online.

Did you know that the leads generated by SEO have a conversion rate of 14.6% while the number is a mere 1.7% for outbound leads? Yes. That is the power of SEO. With strong search engine results, you can not only drive customers to your business website but you can also boost your online sales by a sufficient margin. That is the reason why more and more companies are preferring SEO over advertisements.

Stay ahead of competitors.

After globalization and liberalization, the local markets of our country are facing a lot of competition. Businesses either face major losses or sometimes even have to shut down because of the rigorous competition. Going for search engine optimization is one way to stay secure in this race. With a good SEO, you can automatically attract a lot of customers and divert sales towards your company.

You can measure everything.

The best aspect of search engine optimization is that all the efforts that you put in and all the results you yield are totally measurable. You can monitor and analyse every single thing. You can find all the sources of your website traffic and can even find the percentage contributed by a given source. Thus, you can clearly understand what and how much your investments in SEO are yielding.

Better ROI in a longer run.

As mentioned, investing in SEO is a long-term investment. Once you start optimizing your website strategically, you can see the results coming for a long time. While advertisements may help you get traffic for one time, SEO will positively impact your traffic for a long time. Plus, since SEO only brings organic traffic, you can find leads of the people who are genuinely interested in your business industry. You can nurture these leads to get quicker and better ROI. Secondly, you can even measure all the results of your SEO efforts very easily.

These were just a few of the benefits of SEO in business. Accounting to the efficiency of the concept, the list goes on with a lot more advantages. Whether you are a small business or an MNC, SEO can help you for sure. All you need to do is make proper use of it with the help of SEO professionals or digital marketing agencies.

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