How to find right keywords that will get you right leads?

Chirag Shah
August 31, 2018

After working on a lot of projects as a Digital marketing company in Ahmedabad we have understood that keywords form the skeleton of any digital content marketing campaign. This is because only through the right keywords will you be able to reach the right users and consequently find the right leads. So, here are a few tips that will help you do the same flawlessly.

1. Understand client business model

The first thing that you need to take care of as a Digital marketing company in India is to understand the business model and product/ service of your client. Only then can you find the appropriate keywords that will be useful for them.

2. Find # of competitors

You can use geographically targeted Google to find the relevant competitors and thus find appropriate keywords. For example, you can use for Australia.

3. Website categories + pages

If your client already has a website designed, find keywords that are chosen according to page categories. If not, design the page by going through competitors’ websites and find keywords accordingly.

4. Two types of keywords

You need to incorporate two types of keywords – Informative keywords, those that help viewers find information, for example, Digital Marketing Meaning; Product/ Service purchase related keywords, those that help viewers find appropriate products or services, for example, Digital marketing course in Ahmedabad.

5. Keywords ideas

Tools like Google Keywords Tool can help you generate ideas. You can add the base keyword, target country, etc. to get ideas.

6. Keywords Analysis

You must analyse to find out the device-wise and area-wise popularity of your keyword so that you can optimise your marketing strategy accordingly.

7. Search Trend

Using tools like Google Search Insight can help you predict the future trends of keyword popularity as well.

8. New pages client approval

If the existing pages aren’t enough to suffice the relevant Google queries, suggest your client add new pages to their website.

9. Add finalized keywords

Once you have finalized the keywords, add them to the strategy sheet as well as the ranking sheet for easier access.

10. Find Relevant keywords for the targeted keywords








Find at least 3 relevant keywords for each of your targeted keywords and create links from them one by one to increase reach.

11. Update via Email

Update your team members about all the finalized keywords via email and ask them to look into the strategy sheet.

12. Start with page on page

Once the keywords are decided, you can next begin working on the page on page activities.

  13. Format for Keyword Research

Your keyword research process should focus on grouping keywords based on user intention, i.e., purchasing or information and then also categorise them on the basis of monthly search volume.


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