Hoistsandcrane: SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

Chirag Shah
March 1, 2019

At ShoutnHike, we love to take up new challenges and when Krishna Crane reached out to us, our team knew that developing a digital marketing plan will be an amazing challenge for us. Before we tell you how did we go about this, let us tell you something about the company.

Krishna Cranes

Krishna Crane is one of the leading manufacturers of hoists and cranes in the country. When we had the first word with them, we understood that they are the masters of their industry and it is easy for their competitors to beat them. From the quality of each part of the crane and the competitive prices offered were just matchless. The engineers of Krishna Crane hold an important position and they all are able to meet the requirements of various industries such as shipping yards, manufacturing units, transport and logistics companies, construction companies and the other fields that are demanding heavy material handling and lifting cranes.

♦ Client’s Requirement

When the founder of the company reached out to ShoutnHike and this was the first time that they were in talks with any digital marketing company in India. They wanted to earn a good name on the internet using all the organic methods.

♦ Challenges Faced

As we told you, our team loves to conquer the challenges. The biggest challenge that came to us was that this company did not have any online presence at all. Hence, we were not required to correct any digital mistakes but, we were required to start everything from scratch. We knew our work and we created their website, optimized it with SEO and from the lead generation point of view. The following was the approach we followed:

♦ Website creation and optimization

We created an elegant website for the company and optimized it according to Google organic. We used Google Adwords to infuse the right EOT crane and hoists related keywords so that we could divert the customers towards the website and convert them into strong leads.

  • ♦ Page loading time

We already knew that a slow website will not work here and thus, we created a website with fast loading pages that helped us conquer a major challenge. With a fast-moving website, the clients accessed the website for a longer time.

  • ♦ Good Meta Description

A good meta or snippet acts as a vein to the website. Without a good meta, the user will not know about the content present on the website. We created good metas and we achieved the results soon.

  • ♦ Social Media Profiles

Social Media is an indispensable part of a digital marketing strategy. By posting regular updates on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we created an effective online presence for the company.

♦ The Results that follow your Hard Work

After months of hard work, our team started witnessing the results. For almost all the keywords we stated earlier, we got a rank on the first search page. With a good digital marketing strategy, the client started getting 20-30 new clients every month and this was the biggest achievement ever.

♦ Client’s Word:

Thanks to ShoutnHike team to give me expected result in terms of leads, business ideas, and the result.

I really like their project implementation approach, to the point written communication which surprised me for SEO and Digital marketing services especially in Ahmedabad.

They always give me clarity for all concern with the perfect solution in writing. I recommend everyone to taste ShoutnHike the best SEO & Digital Marketing company in Ahmedabad’s Services for your business promotion.

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