How to Use Social Media Effectively to Grow Your Business

Chirag Shah
July 20, 2018

There is an old proverb ‘What people see is what sells’.

With the advent and easy access of internet the market size for any business has expanded to more than 3 billion potential customers. A survey says that more than 90% of these 3 billion people use hand held devices to access various social media platforms.  And these numbers are augmenting rapidly.

Almost 3 billion people in the world are currently on social media platform and 90% of them are using on their mobile phones and among them every single user engages with 1 or more business brand on daily basis. Now is the time for businesses to take a plunge in the social media marketing and tap billions of potential customers. In current scenario this is the most effective, efficient and least expensive mode of visibility for any sort of brands. So if you are not going where the world is heading towards you are definitely missing your potential customers. Moreover, it is one of the most effective, fastest growing and most inexpensive way to reach to your customers.

Highly browsed social media platforms like  facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, linkedin or youtube are the perfect launch pads to promote your brands and business. It is now or never type of situation to reach out to the mass. Our social media marketing company in Ahmedabad helps you to reach to your targeted audience.  Social media marketing familiarizes people with brand and makes it easier for it to be recognized at online malls or brick and mortar malls. So it becomes a quite essential for a brand to go where people are going. Many successful brands are now focusing more on social media marketing rather traditional marketing and even investing more on it. So in a nutshell we can say that its high to take a dip in this booming industry for future survival.

However, based on the target audience an appropriate social media platform has to be selected to promote the business or brand.  With an understanding of the benefits of each social media platform maximization of the visibility of brand can be obtained. According to a recent survey by Ambassador, 71% people are going to recommend your brand to others if they have a positive experience with you on social media. But it is not necessary that you have to be on all social media platforms to flourish your business, you just should know what you want to achieve, your right audience and on what media they spend maximum time and thus you can reach and engage with them there

Below are listed few of the benefits social media marketing gives to your brand:

  • Increases your brand awareness
  • Establishes your Brand
  • Connects and builds strong brand network
  • Can help you to reach to the targeted audience
  • Gives you a platform to communicate with the potential your customers,   influencers, followers and supporters.
  • Serves as a base to promote You can share your brand related news, products, services, deals, offers, and much more etc.
  • Gives you a platform to share your USP’s, expertise, success, awards, recognitions, etc.
  • Augments the clicks on product/brand your website traffic.
  • Creates a right marketing buzz for the product.
  • Can help you during the time of Crisis.
  • Can serve as a point of contact with customers to solve their queries related to product or you can guide them by interacting with them.
  • And ultimately this all can result into generation of leads and  and more customers for your brand.

Below are few the pro tips to be considered before projecting your product/brand/business on social media:

Social Media Content Planning:

Before executing any marketing campaign it needs a strong planning with the expected results need to be chalked out. Same is applicable for social media marketing, there should be a strong base of what content you are going to post and what will your audience react for it. A strong content  with proper information and guidance of the product needs to be posted, so that target audience does not have to re-think of searching for an alternative product. An analysis of the competitors keyword strategy does the trick many a times but not always. An innovative concept of writing is required. You must do a thorough competitor analysis and keyword research analysis. This will help you in prediction of your audience engagement. And you will also get to know what tactics your competitors are following to maximize the number of attract more customers.

Appreciable Content:

Content holds the supreme part of digital marketing and it should be persistent across the all platforms. You have to make sure that you post on regular basis and the information you provide through your posts should be valuable to your customers. They should find your posts appealing, informative and useful. People connect with the brands easily with the images. The content should include images, or videos or infographics. This aspect should be taken care off while writing and posting content  on various platforms because as per survey people engage more if your post have image, video or infographic.

A Persistent Brand Image:

Social Media gives your business a platform where you can showcase your brand image on various online marketing tools. But you should keep in mind that the promotions you do should have same brand message across all platforms. Though all platforms are unique in their own way but your brand image, your core values and brand message should be same on all the platforms.

Content Promotion on Social Media:

No platform is better than social media to share your website and blog content with you the target audience. Any new developments in your product/brand/business can be informed to the people with interesting contents and blogs on various social media platforms. You can post all your new and interesting content with your audience and let them know what new, interesting or appealing is happening in your business. A good blog will always attracts good number of quality customers. Good content and social media marketing benefits the reach of product each other.

Curated Link Sharing:

Social Media Marketing gives you a platform to share your original posts, content, images, blogs, videos, etc, it also gives you an option of sharing outside articles, links as well. This can help  you to increasing customers and followers base. If you think someone has shared a great content or video that your audience will enjoy then just don’t hesitate to share it. They will definitely enjoy it and this will also improve trust and reliability factor and this can also lead to sharing your posts in return.

Competitor Analysis:

To know what actions your competitor’s are taking to attract customers, you should always keep an eye on them. By doing this your insight will develop and you will have data for keyword research and social media posting. If you think any social media strategy is working for them and giving them more leads, then you should be following them.

Various Social Media Platforms For Marketing:


Facebook have a whopping number of an about  1.32 billion daily active users. Whatever be your business goal – lead generation, increasing website traffic, brand awareness, brand promotion, Facebook will take a sizeable part in helping you to reach your goal. Facebook helps for  B-2-B as well as for B-2-C promotion. It provides you both organic as well as paid method to reach to your targeted audience. You can post text, images, videos as well as go live with facebook.


Twitter comprises of an impressive 330 million active users and 500 million tweets messages are tweeted per day. Almost 80%  Twitter users rely on their on mobile phones for posting tweets and there are 100 million daily active users. Twitter is the best way through which your customers can reach you directly and you can also help them or guide them directly. Every big and established brand is on twitter and their main motto is to reach their customers directly.


LinkedIn has more than 467 million active users out of which 57% users are using LinkedIn on mobile. More than 1 million people shares 1,30,000 posts each week. LinkedIn is completely focused on B-2-B connections, so you cannot miss using LinkedIn for your Social Media marketing. Moreover LinkedIn also gives you a feature of hiring qualified employees for your business.


Instagram has approximately 800 million total users and it is a completely mobile application. Instagrammers shares 95 million posts everyday. It is an completely B-2-C model. Instagram’s main audience is age group between 18 to 35. So if your targeted audience is youth then instagram is the right platform  for you. You can share picture or videos over here. And according to a survey people spend time more on Instagram than on any other social media platform.


A major chunk of people, almost 2.2 billion have their presence users on google+ and out of which 440 million are monthly active users. Google+ gives you a perfect platform to connect with you targeted community of customers and fans.

The main advantage of google+ is that unlike other social media platforms it has significant impact on SEO and web traffic. So here you can influence your potential buyers and this will be indexed by google.


Almost 200 million people uses pinterest every month and 83% of pinterest users are female. So, if your targeted audience are females then you know where you need to head towards. Yes  than you can’t afford not of not having a pinterest account. Pinterest provides facility of pins, boards and feeds.

Hence, we can summarize in a nutshell that correct social media platform with a well written informative content can do wonders for your business/brand/product.

Be the market leader by being visible on the social media platforms.

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