MageAnts – SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

Chirag Shah
June 2, 2018
SEO Digital Marketing Case Study

MageAnts - SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

MageAnts was having an outstanding experience of working with our  Digital Marketing and SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

MageAnts Analytics Improvement Report


MageAnts had a magnificent experience working with our company ShoutnHike. They hired our company so that their company could improve their search engine rankings. Our company not only helped them to get on top 1 position on more than 10 keywords in the search results but also gave huge volume of sales within six months of service. The average of extensions sold raised to 25.

Industry: IT/Technology

Start Date: 24th Mar 2017

Ranking Improvement

10+ Keywords ranked on 1 position

Ranking Improvement


Goal Conversion Rate increase 468.01%

Leads Improvement

MageAnts are basically a smart e-commerce store that mainly deals in Magento plugins that will facilitate online trading for the customers. They are the bestsellers in plugins, extensions, and modules. The company’s extensions help the website to reach the optimum level.

Even after providing an incredible range of services, MageAnts were lagging behind and the reason was poor SEO. Once they hired our service, this is how they improved:

  1. Competitor Analysis:

    The ShoutnHike team helped them to understand all their competitors. Our team provided the streamlined steps on how to understand the behaviour of competitors. With a combined effort MageAnts could find out how to target the right customers, how to improve sales strategy and the after-sales service.

  2. Website Redesign

    MageAnts were having a decent website before but once our company intervened and provided our impeccable web design services, the overall experience of the website changed. Now their customers are liking the website more and it is easily accessible. The website has now more responsive navigation menu and we also uploaded 360° product images.

  3. Keyword Research + Page on Page

    We also provided them the exact list of relevant keywords that helped MageAnts reach on top 1 rankings and they improved their sales as well. Our team paid a great deal of attention towards finding the right keywords and it really helped them. Their pageviews increased by 232.12% i.e earlier it had 1697 page views and we raised to 5636 views. The website traffic also increased, from 108 users to 1816 users, so 1581.48% overall increment. New users also increased by 1634.38%.

  4. One Page Checkout

    To make their website more user-friendly, we adopted the one-page checkout method so that it becomes easier for the customers to buy their product. The complex process of making the payment is now just a single click thing and their customers are truly loving it. Their goal conversion rate increased by 468.01%.

  5. Freeze Buy now button on the right

    Through the website redesign, we developed a new attribute to their website and froze the ‘buy now’ button on the right side of each product page. The aim was to provide a user-friendly experience and to ease the process of purchasing products.

25 Extension Sale Avg.

Today, MageAnts are one of the top-most Magento plugin dealers in the market and they gave the credit goes to our ShoutnHike team.

Reputation Management:

Reputation Management MageAnts

We always had one on one approach with the company. Every week we conducted a meeting to review the progress and to rectify the flaws. We picked up the problems one by one and this way it became really easy to deal with the issues.

Words from Client:

HIGHLY RECOMMEND ! Our Objective that to get more leads from our website but didn’t have idea about SEO then reach to SHOUTNHIKE as was not aware even 1% regarding SEO ,once we started to working SHOUTNHIKE team started do analysis and comes with best way with suggestion of how to make SEO and user friendly website where user can easily get give leads and once design & development completed SHOUTHIKE team start to working on SEO and they give AWESOME result , started to getting leads with our website not only that they are continue giving suggestion to getting more leads to keep changes ! BIG THANKS TO WHOLE TEAM OF ShoutnHIKE ! They are BEST in digital industry !


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