Nevina Infotech: SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

Chirag Shah
March 19, 2019
Case Study

Nevina Infotech: SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

About Client:

Nevina Infotech is the leading provider of the latest web and mobile technologies, enterprise application development, and technical partnership. The company was founded in 2011 by Ms. Nevina Ladhani and later it was turned into a full-service organization in the year 2014. Nevina Infotech is not just a brand but it is more of a personality that is exuberating a strong mindset, robust vision and dynamic ambitions.

Nevina Infotech is a perfect destination for focussed IT solutions for any kind of industry. It provides better tools for brand engagement and it increases it takes the customer experience to the next level by offering various IT products and services. It is a process driven company and believes in providing end to end solutions. The company has been able to conquer some major industry challenges by developing Laravel, Magento, iBeacon and other trending technologies. It is serving major industries such as food, travel, marketplace projects such as Alibaba, Amazon and more.

Client’s Requirement :

The client wanted to increase their sales and mark good growth with the help of Google Organic and SEO activities. However, the client was not new to digital technology and we did not find it much difficult to deal with the case.

However, this client had some specific requirements. The client has asked us to provide the company with a rank in the top 10 search results for the top keywords related to mobile technology.

Challenges Faced :

Yes, the company was not new to the digital industry but we did face some challenges here:

  • They did not have the website to help them with lead generation and target their audience.
  • They needed people who could design an appropriate website to cater to the audience of the USA, Canada, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK to generate leads.
  • The social media presence was nil.
  • Their industry is highly competitive and we were supposed to provide them with solutions that could create a niche for them.


ShoutnHike’s Approach :

Our team knew that this is not going to be easy for us and thus, we picked up things one by one and sorted them for good results.

  • Our first plan of action was to create an amazing website so that we have a platform to land the users. The target was to create a pleasing website along with generating strong leads with the help of various SEO activities.
  • With a deep competitor analysis, we tried to approach places like Semrush and Ahrefs where the competitors also had placed their links. These outbound links helped us generate strong leads for the organization.
  • Last but not least, social media. The client had the LinkedIn page but it was not optimized. Our team worked hard to optimize the social media page and made it up to the mark to pave way for new leads and branding.

The Results :

We poured in our mind and heart, and we were happy to see the following results:

  • Achieved the first position in the keywords like progressive web app, app development and other development related keywords.
  • The client experienced more leads per months and they were happy with our approach.

Client’s Review :

They always give me clarity for all concern with the perfect solution in writing. I recommend everyone to taste ShoutnHike the best SEO & Digital Marketing company in Ahmedabad’s Services for your business promotion.


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