SEO, Google Ads, Social Media? What is right for your business and why?

Chirag Shah
March 1, 2019

Digital Marketing is quite a broad field. When opting for its route, one may feel overwhelmed about focusing on a certain aspect of Digital marketing. Whether to perform SEO, SMO or to allocate the entire human resource on curating top notch content; a business owner always enquires about choosing the right channel of digital marketing from an SEO Company in Ahmedabad in order to ensure return on investment.

While we believe that every aspect of digital marketing is capable of yielding the positive results for your business (provided it is strategized and implemented correctly), we wish to differentiate between the various strategies in this post. Stay with us.

Difference between Seo and Google Adwords

SEO allows you to gain natural (called as organic) rankings. Organic essentially means getting your keywords ranked up in SERP (without paying through Google Adwords) simply because Google wants them to.

While doing SEO is an organic effort, Google AdWords allows you to place your website at the top of rankings (for the desired keywords) in exchange for money. The price of click varies according to the industry. However, on average, expect to spend anywhere from 300 – 400 INR a day in order to expect significant visitors from paid ads. An experienced SEO Company in Ahmedabad can help you with optimum utilization of your Google Adwords budget.

How effective is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is effective for a lot of niches. You are basically acquiring traffic from Google in exchange for money. The AdWords work perfectly especially for an e-commerce websites where the heavy sale, discounts on the item can easily lure lakhs of visitors with successful lead conversion in thousands.

The effectiveness of Google Adwords is directly proportional to the amount of money you can spend. While some niches allow will easily you to earn the profit at the earliest, for others, you may have to wait sometime.

It is also important to note that, you are likely to lose traffic when your AdWords campaign goes off. The traffic acquired during the campaign may continue to visit your website after the campaign is over, but it is only over a period of time, that you will likely get that same amount of visitors through organic searches i.e. through SEO.

Google AdWords vs Facebook ads 2019

Both work extremely well. While Google AdWords may give you short term results, Facebook ads are likely to acquire you the permanent traffic since the visitors can like your FB page (through the link in FB Ads) and hence can receive notifications later on without the need of spending again on Facebook Ads.

However, both the platforms have their pros and cons. In our opinion, Facebook Ads does allow you to be more creative and therefore you can create compelling ads with the help of attractive images. A reputed Digital Marketing company in Ahmedabad can help you with it.

Facebook ads for SEO

Unlike the earlier times, Google now tracks the visitors coming to a website from social media platforms like FB, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc. Provided that your visitors continue to visit your website directly i.e. by typing in your URL in the browser after the completion of FB ads campaign, it is easy to say that in such case FB ads will benefit you in the SEO process

Facebook Ads helps you to acquire visitors, but for SEO improvements, Google tracks the longevity of traffic. It is only with consistent traffic on your website, that you can gain SEO Rankings in the Google SERPS.

Which Works Better for Your Business?

What works better for your business depends on the type of business and your budget. If you are in a position to spend extravagantly, then Google AdWords will give you instant recognition (at the very least) and ROI. However, it is highly recommended to focus on your SEO side by side. SEO is a long term investment, however, its results should start to come within a year (or maximum two). If you are not observing noticeable traffic within a year, then you need to implement a different SEO Strategy.


It is important to note that every strategy serves its purpose if it is executed properly. In the experience of our SEO Company in Ahmedabad, AdWords and FB Ads can certainly give you instant recognition on the web but it is better to pursue SEO side by side. Two years is not long term considering the fact that you will likely reap the benefits of SEO for a number of years.

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