4 Easiest Steps to Revamp Your SEO and Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

Chirag Shah
December 1, 2017

SEO and online marketing are terms used interchangeably many a times. We are surviving in an online era where your day will start with an AI based alarm and end while posting on the social media handles. This online buzz has given a great thrust to the search engine optimization services in India.

When it comes to online marketing and SEO, there is a dire need for firms to maintain their website ranking along with a high-performance website. The main objective of search engine optimization is not only having the search engine spiders find you but also keep your ranking at the top for keywords your targeted audience search for your products/service.

The companies which provide local SEO services in India use this four-step process as a strategy for your search engine optimization.

The companies which provide local SEO services in India use this four-step process as a strategy for your search engine optimization.

Step 1: Analysis of the Target Market Business

Audience Analysis

Website Analysis: Coding is the main part of your website; please check that how much code you have compared to the text.

Competitive Analysis: Try to find out your present search engine rankings of the competitive websites along with the keywords. The tools like semrush.com and keywordspy.com can be used.

Initial Keyword nomination: Put forward the list of keywords associated with your products or services. You can use Google keywords tool to find list of keywords people used to search for your business.

Step 2: The Keyword Research and Development

Keyword Research

Use keyword analysis. You need to create a list of targeted keywords and phrases. Cross check your keywords on Google and try to find out how your competitors are using those keywords. Check for singulars, plurals, misspelledwords. If any misspelled word is used by the customers then you can use it for your benefit.

Personal Ranking Assessment: Keep an excel file ready to present your current rankings. This will help you to build it up and keep you ready for future. With the use of graphs, you can keep a check on your progress and improve accordingly.

Goals and Objectives: Keep clear and practical goals for the future. Like if you have 100 visitors for one day, target for 200 from next month and so on.

Step 3: Content Optimization and Submission

Onpage Content Optimization in SEO

Page Titles: it is advised that your page titles should contain keywords and less than 80 characters so that it is easier to establish a page theme.

Try to integrate the selected keywords in the website content. Infuse keywords on the website page naturally and spread them equally so that the search engine gets a fair idea of what your page is about.

With the help of HTML and XML, develop new sitemaps for Bing and Google. HTML should be the first step, later the XML sitemaps can be submitted via Bing and Google webmaster tools.

It is recommended that you submit your URL directly to the directories like Yahoo! (paid), DMOZ (free) and Business.com (paid). You can further use Ad Sense on your website which will help you to index your pages quickly.

Step 4: Revision and Continuous Optimization

SEO Measurement

Measurement-Just open free account with analytics.google.com and insert javascript code given by Analytics to start with tracking in the website

Keep testing and measuring matrix like your web traffic, avg. visit duration, bounce rate, conversion rate etc… to find out whether the steps you implemented are working or not. Keep the track of the changes and maintain an excel sheet to create a clear picture.

Maintenance. When you feel your website is rocking on the floor and you can sit back and relax, this is the time when you need to update it with regular updates and do A/B split testing to know which once working best.

Creating a business blog is a good idea and keep a check on your outbound and inbound links and figure out whether they are relevant to your business or not.

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