Top 10 Things you must take care when you launch a website from SEO point of view

Chirag Shah
June 19, 2018

What else can make my website more engaging now? My website has an impeccable user interface and a lucrative graphic design. Wow! Just amazing! Excited to launch it soon! – this can be the ideal excitements of any startup or entrepreneur before launching the website. This hurly burly situation can alter the future you’ve dreamt about your business. Because a complete website development or an appealing user interface is not only for the successful business or a booming digital presence.

Well, we understand the thriving phase of the business. But to make it mature from the very first phase, get the homework done on your website first. Yes, because this is something you can’t afford to miss.

Introducing SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Well, we all know a bit about SEO. Maybe one of your best friend’s job is in. Or maybe you have heard around any of the IT companies. To optimize the website according to Google algorithms and other main search engines, you need to opt for a perfect set of SEO strategies. Finding the Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad that fulfils your SEO goals, would be the good move.

Yes, indeed before launching a website. Because your target market doesn’t want you on the last page or even at the 10th result of Google, yeah? Users click the first ranked website and you’re gonna be the one. Because you’re being nurtured right here!

Coming to our title concern, it’s all about taking care of 10 essential things for launching a website as per SEO perspective.

Let’s have a quick look at top 10 essential things to take care for SEO while launching a website.


  • Is Your Website Being A Friend Of Google?

    Google Friendly
    Google Friendly

    Your website is gonna launched. And obviously, the first and foremost friend of its is Google because this is where your website would stay rest of its life. So making it according to Google’s norms becomes compulsory here.

    First of all, Your website needs to be indexed by Google. If it fails here, No matter how attractive the UI or UX is! Make your website crawled easily and content friendly. It’s important to structure the website in a way that your keywords come in. Make the content so relevant that your page crawled at an ease and at a quick pace.

    Directly go to the website auditor and crawled it thoroughly to check the restricted parts stopping the indexing. The resources that are playing a vital role in indexing the pages, fix them right away. It can be any coding portion. Javascript, CSS or HTML. Fix them. Because if Google is being stopped by crawling the pages, How can we expect to be listed on its ranking?

    Also, don’t forget to avoid the duplicate content & duplicate meta tags. Google won’t bear a single duplicate content and prefer to penalize from the indexed ones, too!

    Google indexes every single website having the neat backend, trust the line!

  • Setting Up the Google Analytics & Google WebMaster

    Google Analytics and Webmaster Setup
    Google Anlytics and Webmaster Setup

    Google Analytics & Webmaster – An intelligent tool to map the website’s performance. Consider configuring it with the website first. Yes, even before launching. Viewing the very first traffic presence and demographics would help a lot in analyzing the performance.

    Webmaster introduces you to the complete Google console from submitting the sitemap to make it indexed with the complete insights. Don’t forget to configure your website with Webmaster as well as Analytics.

    Google Analytics introduces you to a complete demographics for the website on how the users like the content you post or what are the activities that users would like to view on your website. From knowing the age group of users to everyday’ users visit graphs. Everything you get to know is available on Google Analytics.

    Just setting up the Google account and embedding the tracking code introduces a whole world of analytics awaiting for you!

  • SSL & AMP (Make website secure, smart & faster in loading)

    AMP and SSL
    AMP and SSL

    Security & fastest loading – the two most important factor for any website to be ranked on first. No user would like to sit back and wait for the complete page loading taking minutes. Yes, MINUTES! Just taking another one second and a quick left is on the go to increase your bounce rate. And yes, who does not want their information to be the most confidential one? Or what’s your website’s authentication to be the genuine one?

    If you’re looking for SEO company in Ahmedabad, do ensure these things in-built with your SEO package.

    For all such questions, there is a single answer: one common instance to Secure Socket Layer is HTTPs & Accelerated Mobile Pages stands for a short form AMP. these are some of the standard version that your website should be lagging behind of them. Make it secure as bulletproof with Https and the fastest in loading with AMP versioned URL. yes, from the scratch.

    Because you don’t want to hear developers’ excuse post making the website. AMP declares your website as one of the fastest loading modern web page inclining to the mobile views and compacting the lines of code to great extent.

  • SEO Plugin (meta description)

    SEO Plugins

    SEO PluginsGreat plugins play the vital role in strengthening the website. Especially when you have opted for WordPress. It has the most popular SEO plugin Yoast SEO. In which, you are as easy as playing with the cards. Just putting the meta description as described topic and relevant to the blog makes your webpage perfect. The plugin provides a complete readability analysis for the content. It has the algorithmic analysis for you to take no chance of getting penalized by the Google.

    Setting up Yoast SEO you can easily be confident about your unique content. But yes, hiring the best content writer would be a challenge though. Your content writer should be able to maintain the readability as per the originality and grammar checks. Download the plugin and get set go with the intelligence it has to manage your SEO things.

  • Is Your Website containing broken roads?

     Broken Links

    Broken LinksThis line may seem weird but it has the deepest meaning. Google encounters the websites having broken links first and get them out of the list of top rankers. In fact, processes to get de-indexed by the time, if not improvised. Yes, because you can’t afford to have the links not having proper redirection. The users will not visit the website again if you do so.

    It may happen when you forget to address the migrated links to a proper destination. Or maybe something’s wrong with your slug. For that, using a WP Broken Link Status Checker would be a good move. Checked? If not, do that right away!

  • Blog – the ultimate insider of ranking up!

    Website Blog Section

    Website Blog SectionWe all have seen the websites having great blog sections. Yes, those are needed. Because blog helps in identifying the context of what you are doing or for what you are concerned in? A blog will contain keywords relevant to the business. Yes, only those for what your target market hits in.

    Creating a blog with essential keywords and meaty content would definitely bring the users in. Remember again, the content should be close enough to your concern, your target market and the products/services perspectives.

    Here keeping the keyword research analysis on the top would help a lot in ranking up. Especially the keywords having the highest search volume. A blog posting can be on page section or you should have planned a great guest posting strategies. Your guest posting can help your website a lot to gain the backlinks with the popular websites.

  • Enriching the Content

    Enrich Content

    Content – give the heroic kick to the content here. Pick the copywriters and content writers who are indeed in passion with words, creating extraordinary content that appeals to stick with the page. Your content can either make the game or may alter the outcome. Also, check whether your content writer capable enough to put the punch lines and making words actionable (call to actions).

    Give content heading a proper tag. Here putting the H1 matters the most in identifying the relevant heading and relating the relevant content in the body part.

    Your website’s content should be handled by the one having a niche in creating exclusive and factual content. The content is not limited to textual context. It always includes relevant pictures, infographics, video and different context of content adding value to the digital presence and your brand. Of course, aim for a branding and not the marketing considered as typical sales activities.

  • Optimization with Everything

    Optimize Business Online
    Optimize Business Online

    Here comes the time to hit the developers’ keyboard. Yes, because developers need to make the codebase optimized as much as they can. It can be with the Javascript and CSS render blocking or may with the image optimization.

    The more you are good with the lesser lines of code, the more you are likely to have the better results. Make your website lightweight. And it’s possible when you do minify of Javascript and CSS codebase. Also, search for a better Digital Marketing Company in India capable of performing and configuring these things. Because some of the companies are doing admirable results for their clients.

    Do it too, if you’re running the website with some popular CMS and with a readymade theme. Make your developers ready to deal with such tedious tasks. Because it is indeed imperative to do gain a great SEO impression.

  • Spreading the word

    Spread the words digitally
    Spread the words digitally

    Here you’ll deal with the marketing campaigns as well as the advertising publishers. Yes, you must be ready with the professionals or readiness to spread the word about your business with the social media platforms and email marketing tools.

    Just launching the website with few family clicks won’t help. Add it to the Google My Business, bring reviews and get some advertising done with the campaigns as well as Pay Per Click. PPC is the second most important thing when you’re going well at the business and ready to invest in for the business. Pay Per Click can earn you extra clicks and traffic to the website but you need to keep a sharp eye on negative keywords.

  • The Formulating “Mantra”

    Competitors Analysis
    Compititors Anlysis

    This is something very important, at last, and of course, not the least.

    The strict analysis is in demand here. Yes, you need to create a perfect analysis report for the target market. Which are the people willing to buy or product or services? Are they interested in fewer efforts or more? How convenient can you be with the digital presence with them?

    Quick tip: if you’re lacking at researching or doing some homework, do hire best  SEO company in India to bring more out of this.

    List out the target market and be specific as much as you can with the digital presence. Being cheesy would be avoided for sure. Yes, even at the silent presence “your website”.

    Look for the resources used by your competitors. For that, You need to be very specific in scrutinizing the competitors’ research. Draft down the competitors’ online presence. Have some questions and give it answered with the things they’ve done for being on the top of Google.

    Connect with some social media monitoring tool and have trending updates on technologies as well as reports on some very important things you’re lacking. Fill the gaps. Check your website contact forms are working fine and quick to respond. Because these are the first touch points to your clientele.

    Double check if the website going great with the responsiveness. Because your major visitors will be from mobile devices and not the desktop.

    Ask for the changes and adapt them in a way better positive welcome. Believe it, you’re on the go to the first rank!

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