Trainingseo: SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

Chirag Shah
April 5, 2019

About Client:

Trainingseo is one of the top-notch Digital Marketing Course and SEO training institute in Ahmedabad. The aim of this institute is to teach and train all the interested candidates who are looking forward to learning the latest and innovative digital marketing techniques.

Digital marketing is a very lucrative career these days and Trainingseo is working with the sole aim to take these techniques to every business. This institute has experts who are experienced in providing training in Google Analytics, social media, Adwords, SEO and so on. The best thing about this institute is that they provide online classes in regional languages so that students who cannot understand English can also take the maximum benefits out of the course.

The Client Requirement :

Our client wanted us to work on specific region related keywords like digital marketing services in Ahmedabad.

The challenges faced :

Well, we started working on this project in the year 2015 and at that time, people were not aware of digital marketing much. Our first aim was to create awareness and then try hard to get on the top position.

Shoutnhike’s Approach :

Working on this project was a little difficult because of the niche of the client. Here is what our team did:

  • As you know creating a world-class website is all it requires to kick start your online marketing. We did the same with this client of ours. We created an amazing website and provided a platform for landing new customers.
  • We kept the page loading time as low as possible and ran ads of Facebook and Insta to create awareness about the product of our client. We provided an idea to our client to run digital marketing workshops for free on social media platforms.
  • When the brand was popular, we focused on the best SEO practices and finally, we achieved what we wanted. We could achieve a rank in the top 10 results of the search engines.
  • Effective changes in the meta description, social media banners, and other digital marketing techniques led us to desired results.

After applying all the techniques the results we achieved are :


  • We achieved the first position in many training and SEO related keywords for Ahmedabad.
  • Our client started calls form many potential leads every month. From ranking, traffic, leads, and reputation, we achieved everything we were looking for.

Working on this client was challenging as well as interesting. We worked hard on this project and got results. Do you wish to avail some benefits of online marketing too? Get in touch with us now.

Client’s Review :

They always give me a result for all concern with the perfect solution in writing. I recommend everyone to taste ShoutnHike the best SEO & Digital Marketing company in Ahmedabad’s Services for your business promotion.

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