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Chirag Shah
November 4, 2017
Digital Marketing Services in India

According to the statistics of 2016, 46.1% of the human population makes active use of the internet. The numbers have grown more than 10 times from 1999. In such a scenario, it is totally correct to say that people are spending much more time on the internet than they did a few years ago. This has opened up a new arena for marketing – digital marketing. But what is digital marketing all about? And what is the meaning of digital marketing precisely? Let us find out.

Definition of Digital Marketing

First things first, let us understand what is digital marketing by looking at a definition. It is that branch of marketing that deals with the online aspect of it. It includes all the marketing services and strategies that make use of search engine optimization, social media, emails, company websites, etc. All the results of this marketing type are measurable and data proven. That is the reason why we also call it data-driven marketing. In a nutshell, it helps companies connect to their existing clientele and potential customers via the internet. It also provides them perfect statistical reports about how the users are interacting and taking action on our website and strategies.

Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing is done by integrating creativity and strategies in a properly planned manner. Any major or minor activity that you do on an online platform that is planned in advance, forms a part of your online marketing campaign. It may be a series of actions or just an individual effort. In marketing terms, this is known as a campaign. Only such a marketing campaign can be successful and yield the required results.

What is digital marketing strategy? Let’s have a look.

A digital marketing strategy is created to achieve all the desired short-term and long-term outreach goals of a company. It includes a series of actions, from both inbound as well as outbound marketing, determined by a campaign. A lot of such marketing campaigns together form a strategy.

List of Digital Marketing Services

Now that we know the basics of the concept, let us try answering the question of what is digital marketing services. As mentioned, online marketing is a very wide domain under which all the online marketing efforts of a company are placed. That is why there are a lot of different services that a company usually requires in this domain. Some of these include.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps companies improve their rankings on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more. A better search engine ranking means more organic traffic on a company’s website.

Social Media Marketing

SMM makes use of various social media channels for the distribution of useful content, updating customers with new launches, interacting with them, etc. This also helps in increasing the brand awareness and driving traffic to the company’s website.

Email Marketing

This is also a very popular form of online marketing. In this, companies send out newsletters to various email addresses of potential clients. They usually inform the recipients about discounts, new content, product launches and updates, etc.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing includes generation and circulation of a variety of content that is useful for the target customers. It helps in increasing brand awareness, developing a better company-client relationship, gaining more organic traffic and much more.

Paid Advertising (Native or Global)

Promoting a business through native or global advertisements is also a part of online marketing. Here, various ads are displayed to users based on their recent online activities as well as the platform they are using.

Marketing Automation

This service includes the usage of a specific software that performs many marketing functions automatically without human efforts. Such tools can be helpful for email marketing, social media marketing, etc.


Re-marketing involves smart positioning of advertisements. The ads are targeted to the customers who haven’t interacted with your website recently. Using this, you can connect to some old clients and probably prompt them to make purchases again.

These were just some of the main digital marketing services. If you look into it completely, the field includes a lot more.

Digital Marketing Course

Everything mentioned here is just a gist of the huge world of online marketing. Mere understanding of the what these concepts are is not enough. If you wish to work as a professional in the industry, you need to have a lot more detailed knowledge. You need to understand the detailed theory and application of the various concepts of it. Doing this is not easy until you go for a digital marketing course. If you are thinking what is a digital marketing course, here is your answer.

Such a course helps an amateur begin a professional career in the field. Even if you do not know anything about marketing, you can successfully become a professional by the end of such a course. You don’t need any specific knowledge or educational background for enrolling for such a course. Go to a reputed institute and you will learn all that is required.

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