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The Types of Apps We Create:

  • Android Apps

    Android Apps

    Our Java experts develop clean, crisp and feature-rich Android applications for you which are compatible with various OS versions.

  • iOs Apps

    iOs Apps

    We have iOS experts on board who have hands-on experience with Swift. They are skilled in developing flawless and advanced iOS applications

  • Cross Platform Apps

    Cross Platform Apps

    Give your users advanced functionality and accessibility by allowing our developers to create dynamic cross platform apps with unmatched UX and UI.

  • Hybrid Apps

    Hybrid Apps

    Our app developers who master JavaScript and HTML5 can develop quintessential hybrid applications for you with superior features and interface.

  • Windows Apps

    Windows Apps

    Facilitate your users with premium quality Windows applications which are not only highly functional but also have measurable results.

  • Native Apps

    Native Apps

    Allow developers of our mobile app development company to create platform-specific native applications for your users with innovative technology and creative mobile app design.

We provide Utmost UIUX Mobile Apps Development Solution for Industries.

  • Small Business Mobile App Development

    Small Business

  • Games Apps Development


  • Mobile Commerce Development


  • Mobile Apps Development for Lawyers


  • Mobile Apps Development for Dentist


  • Educational Mobile Apps Development


  • Fun and Entertainment Mobile Apps


  • Mobile Apps Development for Heath & Medical


  • Financial Mobile Apps Development


  • Travel Agency Mobile Apps Development


Why is Shoutnhike Your Ideal Choice?

The Shoutnhike app development team is an ensemble one with marketing pioneers to specialised app developers and creative designers to experienced IT members. This helps us become a leading mobile app development company India.

  • Google Certified
    Google Certified Professionals
  • Facebook Certified
    Facebook Certified Professionals
  • Analytics Certified
    Analytics Certified professional
  • 50+ Dedicated Marketing Professionals
  • 10+ years experience
  • 500+ Happy Clients
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Affordable Packages for Mobile Apps Development

Mobile App Development Packages Silver Gold Dedicated
Best Suitable for Startup + Small Business App Game Development + Uniqur Requirements
Dedicated Developers 1 2 5
Business Analyst 0 1 1+
Support Email + Skype Email + Skype + Phone Email + Skype + Phone
Reporting Daily Daily Daily
Price - - -
Dedicated Developers $15/Hours $15/Hours $15/Hours
Business Analyst - $30/Hours $30/Hours
Mobile App Development Packages Silver
Best Suitable for Startup + Small Business App
Dedicated Developers 1
Business Analyst 0
Support Email + Skype
Reporting Daily
Price -
Dedicated Developers $15/Hours
Business Analyst -
Mobile App Development Packages Gold
Best Suitable for Game Development +
Dedicated Developers 2
Business Analyst 1
Support Email + Skype + Phone
Reporting Daily
Price -
Dedicated Developers $15/Hours
Business Analyst $30/Hours
Mobile App Development Packages Dedicated
Best Suitable for Uniqur Requirements
Dedicated Developers 5
Business Analyst 1+
Support Email + Skype + Phone
Reporting Daily
Price -
Dedicated Developers $15/Hours
Business Analyst $30/Hours


There is not contract and you can cancel anytime. But we recommend you should continue SEO for at least 6 months to show you significant growth.

What Our Clients See Us Like?

Our mobile app development company believes in creating nothing but the best. That is why our team is filled with experts for all types of developments who specialise in their domain. This has made us clients’ favourite. They say:

Apps Development Services with 100% Testing Process

Our product development process is totally systematic to ensure the best results. After gathering the client requirements, our experts design and develop the necessary products. These products are extensively tested through multiple processes before final deployment.

  • 01
    Understand client business
    Understand client business
  • 02
    Analyze Opportunities
    Analyze Opportunities
  • 03
    Execute Strategy
    Execute Strategy
  • 04
    Update progress Report
    Update progress Report
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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What platform should we target? iOS/ Android or both?

There are multiple factors such as demography, cost, time to enter the market, etc which help you decide whether you should implement an app to one between iOS and Android or to both.

You should ask following questions to yourself to get the right answer:

  1. Which demographic you want to target your app too?
  2. Which platform does your target audience use?
  3. How much budget you have to invest in the project?

When you have clear answers to all above-asked questions, you would be able to decide about the platform you want to target; however, ShoutnHike does have consultants to provide clients with a better assistant.

Our experience tells that most of the European & American clients get the iOS developed first; whereas Asian region clients get the Android developed first.

What is ballpark cost to create a mobile app?

Every app is different and so is their cost. It’s hard to quote a single cost of two mobile app developments of the same type.

They are the features and functionalities which decide the cost of a mobile app development project. But generally, an app may cost somewhere from $1,000 USD to $100,000 USD or more based on scope and complexity.

To get your ballpark cost you can click here to fill the inquiry form.

Will my app stop working on the newly released OS version of a mobile platform?
No, it won’t. OS providers like Apple and Android take care of differences between old and new OSs at their ends. It means no app stops working whenever a new OS is released. But if any issue occurs and it happens because of the programming of an app, it is advised you create a list of all those issues and contact the development company which will fix them by making changes to the code.
I am not mobile-tech-savvy but, I need an app. How will you help me in this case?
It is not an issue at all. We stay honest with both technical and non-technical clients. In fact, we have worked for a number of clients from non-IT industries and have helped each of them by successfully implementing their apps, from conceiving an idea to publishing it on stores.
What is the payment policy to get an app developed from ShoutnHike?
We work milestone-wise which means a project, based on its phases of progress, is divided into different segments. Completion of each segment is considered completion of a milestone. When a milestone is achieved, client is required to release payment for that specific milestone.
Who would take care of app submission on app store. Would I need to do own my or you will do that?
We are here to take the responsibility of your app and to get it published on the store but if you want, you too can do it on your own…
How do you take care of data security of my app?

Mobile application development includes several steps. Little ignorance even at a single place can cause security related issues to the app. We know all those loose-ends causing security breaches/data theft and thus use the following things to make every app secure:

  1. Using authentication token system so that input and output do are not get hacked during the data transmission
  2. Encrypting sensitive data to make data storage secured
Would I need interacting with your all team during the development phase?
Every project is assigned to a project leader who stands responsible to take care of interaction with the client. He/she, on behalf of all team, create communication with the respective client and implements things accordingly.
What standard development process is followed by your company?

Here is an insight of the standard process followed by ShoutnHike:

  • Project Discovery & Understanding
  • Scoping & Estimations
  • Wire-framing & Functionality
  • Design & Development
  • Testing
  • App Store Optimization
  • Publishing
  • Maintenance & Support

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How Do We Ensure Success?

The focus of our mobile app development services stays on the custom requirements of the clients. Thus, we begin working by understanding their requirements in-depth and accordingly design-develop it. We deploy the app only after testing its performance and efficiency.