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Reputation Management Services Comprise of:

Establishing your brand as a reputed organisation is not a one day job. That is why we use various techniques and expertise to provide the following online reputation management services.

  • Sentimental Analysis

    Sentimental Analysis

    Human emotions shape the human behaviour. Our services help you understand the sentiments and the possible behaviour of your clientele with sentimental analysis.

  • Demographic Analysis

    Demographic Analysis

    To find the exact target demographics of your business, we provide strategized demographic analysis services which give you deeper insight.

  • Listening and Analysis

    Listening and Analysis

    Your current reputation is important for reputation improvisation. That is why we track the mentions of your company on the internet and analyse them thoroughly.

  • Negative Review Removal

    Negative Review Removal

    Internet is a place of anonymous negativity. That is why we help you get rid of the negative reviews which are a threat to your reputation.

  • Aggressive SEO

    Aggressive SEO

    We use aggressive SEO tools and techniques to provide ideal online reputation management services for your company.

  • Web 2.0 Creation

    Web 2.0 Creation

    Develop a dynamic Web 2.0 for your business with our services and effectively enhance your brand’s market reputation.

  • Positive Link Building

    Positive Link Building

    Positive link building with other reputed organisations would not only help you have a stronger SEO but will also improve your brand’s reputation.

  • Web Creation

    Web Creation

    Our Web Creation services are handled by smart techies and marketers who specialise in reputation building.

  • Negative Content Removal

    Negative Content Removal

    Not just reviews but any sort of negative content is not but an obstacle on your way of reputation enhancement.

We Provide Online Reputation Fixing Services for Industries:

  • Online Brand Reputation Management


  • SEO Reputation Management


  • Social Media Reputation Management

    Social Media

  • Internet Reputation Management


  • Corporate Business Reputation Management


  • Online Reputation Management


  • Hotel Online Reputation Management


  • Local business Reputation management


  • Lawyer online Reputation management


  • White Label Reputation management

    White Label

Why Is Shoutnhike Your Ideal Choice?

We are one of the best online reputation management companies in the market which is filled with experts who have skills, expertise and experience in reputation management. They are well equipped with the necessary knowledge and robust technology.

  • Google Certified
    Google Certified Professionals
  • Facebook Certified
    Facebook Certified Professionals
  • Analytics Certified
    Analytics Certified professional
  • 50+ Dedicated Marketing Professionals
  • 10+ years experience
  • 500+ Happy Clients
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Result Driven & Affordable ORM Packages to Choose

Reputation Management Packages Silver Gold Dedicated
Best Suitable for 2 Negative Footprints 3 Negative Footprints 5 Negative Footprints
Minimum Contract Duration 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Phrases protected & monitored 2 3 5
Search positions monitored and protected 10 10 20
No. Hours Work 30 50 70
Create Plan
Link Bulding 30 50 100
Website Building (Additional Charge)
Support Email Email Email + Skype
Reporting Monthly Monthly 15 Days
Reputation Management Packages Silver
Best Suitable for 2 Negative Footprints
Minimum Contract Duration 3 Months
Phrases protected & monitored 2
Search positions monitored and protected 10
No. Hours Work 30
Create Plan
Link Bulding 30
Website Building (Additional Charge)
Support Email
Reporting Monthly
Reputation Management Packages Gold
Best Suitable for 3 Negative Footprints
Minimum Contract Duration 3 Months
Phrases protected & monitored 3
Search positions monitored and protected 10
No. Hours Work 50
Create Plan
Link Bulding 50
Website Building (Additional Charge)
Support Email
Reporting Monthly
Reputation Management Packages Dedicated
Best Suitable for 5 Negative Footprints
Minimum Contract Duration 3 Months
Phrases protected & monitored 5
Search positions monitored and protected 20
No. Hours Work 70
Create Plan
Link Bulding 100
Website Building (Additional Charge)
Support Email + Skype
Reporting 15 Days


There is not contract and you can cancel anytime. But we recommend you should continue SEO for at least 6 months to show you significant growth.

What Our Clients See Us Like?

Since our firm's beginning, we have revitalised the reputations of a lot of clients. They trust us for this and say:

Fix Online Reputation with Our Proven Strategies

We are the expert digital marketers who only use proven strategies for marketing, based on the requirements and the industry type of the client. Plus, we even ensure to provide unparalleled measurable results.

  • 01
    Understand client business
    Understand client business
  • 02
    Analyze Opportunities
    Analyze Opportunities
  • 03
    Execute Strategy
    Execute Strategy
  • 04
    Update progress Report
    Update progress Report

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

How many months do you suggest I should pay for SEO service?

Two things are there,
How much time it will take for first-page ranking: - First-page ranking majorly depends on 3 things,

  • 1) Competition
  • 2) Current ranking
  • 3) Monthly budget

In general, it takes 6 to 12 months to get first page ranking. But this varies from case to case since above mentioned 3 parameters are different from site to site.

What after I get first-page ranking: - If you invest 100 bucks and churn 200 from it. You will never stop investing 100. Same concept is there in SEO as well, like if with first-page ranking you get healthy ROI you should continue with it and try new keywords to increase revenue/leads.

But yes you can stop SEO anytime. There is no contract for this.

What result I will get when I pay this SEO service, like 4 months, for example?

Below are the probable outcomes for the first 4 months:-

  • 1)The First month (During the design and development phase) We will accomplish observations,the first phase and second phase mentioned in the proposal.
  • 2)The Second month We will take care of Phase 3.
  • 3) The Third month we will Continue with phase 3.

You can expect a minimum 20% ranking improvement for the first 4 months. I.e. if you are at a 100th place for x keyword you will be below first 80 at the end of next month.

How I can expect ROI (Return on Investment) from your service?

Suppose you pay 25K INR monthly for SEO service.

  • Suppose your average lead value is 20K INR and you get 50 leads in the span of 8 months instead of 25 leads. Suppose 10 leads get converted out of 50 and you will get 20K*10=2 lakhs new business. (Original lead value may be different this is just to highlight ROI)

  • Some client may become recurring client provided you accomplish as per their requirement. Suppose 2 clients will be recurring out of 10. So, another 20K*2=40 INR new business.

  • You will continue with leads even after 6 months.

  • So, in nutshell by spending 1.5 lakhs you can expect minimum 2.4 Lakh INR business. So, it is an EXCELLENT ROI.​

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How Do We Ensure Success?

Our strategy for reputation management begins by targeting the negative footprints of the brand. We then go on to creating targeted plans and executing them while ensuring measurable results.