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seo services for small business


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PPC Management Services for:

We are a pay per click advertising agency that works as the one stop solution for all your online ad requirements. We provide services for AdSense, CPC, speed PPC and much more.

  • Google Adwords

    Google Adwords

    Get the best Google Adwords certified professionals to manage the online Adwords for your company and get quick and measurable results with increased profits.

  • Bing Ads

    Bing Ads

    Use Bing Ads services of our PPC management company to reach out specifically to your target demographics in a conversion optimized way.

  • Facebook Advertising

    Facebook Advertising

    Accounting to the large user base of Facebook, it becomes necessary for a successful PPC campaign to make use of Facebook ads. We help you do it in a complementary and successful way.

  • Linkedin Paid Promotion

    Linkedin Paid Promotion

    To give your brand a broader audience outreach, we also assist the LinkedIn paid promotions of your website. For specific type of businesses, this becomes a crucial aspect.

  • Remarketing


    With remarketing, we help you to reach out to your old customers who haven’t visited your website in a while. This also optimizes your AdSense ROI.

  • Shopping Advertisement

    Shopping Advertisement

    If you own an ecommerce store, we help you with shopping advertisement on Google, Bing, etc. that help you successfully boost your sales from search results.

  • PPC Audit

    PPC Audit

    We help you analyse your current or past PPC campaigns to find out the advantages and the loopholes and optimize your spending on a new PPC campaign accordingly.

  • Outsource PPC in India

    Outsource PPC in India

    Outsource your PPC service requirements to our experts in India who provide measurable as well as affordable advertising services for your company.

  • PPC Consulting

    PPC Consulting

    If you don’t want a complete PPC campaign, we can help provide you with PPC consulting services wherein we holistically guide you to fulfil your targets.

Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services Comprise Of:

You can get a range of small business PPC/ advertising services at Shoutnhike which provide quick and guaranteed results in the form of more leads and higher sales for your online website.

  • Improve ROI

    Improve ROI

    At Shoutnhike, we create strategized pay per click campaigns that ensure higher returns on investments for all your marketing and advertising inputs.

  • Campaign report management

    Campaign report management

    With thorough market research and a good understanding of your business model, we provide profitable campaign report management services and measurable results.

  • PPC landing page creation

    PPC landing page creation

    At Shoutnhike, we also help you have a carefully designed and created PPC landing page that boosts the success and profitability of your PPC campaign.

  • Better leads & sales

    Better leads & sales

    We make extensive use of technology and proven strategies to ensure that you get a better number and quality of leads and thus, more sales and profits.

  • Increased paid traffic

    Increased paid traffic

    Use our Pay Per Click services to get a sure shot boost in the paid traffic on your website which helps the overall growth and profits of your company.

  • Ad campaign set up

    Ad campaign set up

    We are a PPC management company that helps boost your website’s online sales substantially by helping you with complete ad campaign set up.

  • Creating ad copyright

    Creating ad copyright

    To achieve better results in a short time, we also help you create ad copyrights. This makes your business approach unique and consequently more popular.

  • Reduced CPC

    Reduced CPC

    We target the overall growth and benefit of your company. That is why, we work hard to reduce the CPC (cost per conversion) for your company’s website.

  • Bid management

    Bid management

    Since bid management and your returns on investment are directly connected in the case of PPC ads, we provide dedicated services for that as well.

Why Is Shoutnhike Your Ideal Choice?

We have one of the best marketing teams in the market which is filled with experts who have skills, expertise and experience in reputation management. They are well equipped with the necessary knowledge and robust technology.

  • Google Certified Professionals
  • Facebook Certified Professionals
  • Analytics Certified professional
  • 50+ Dedicated Marketing Professionals
  • 10+ years experience
  • 500+ Happy Clients
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Cost-Effective PPC service packages

In order to make our top-notch pay per click management services more accessible, we have a range of cost-effective services packages. Small as well large businesses can benefit from these.

PPC Packages Silver Gold (Popular) Dedicated
Best Suitable for Start-up Small Business: Services Website Enterprise/Ecommerce
No. Hours Work 25 45 65
Account Setup (Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin) 1 2 All
Target Keywords 200 500 Unlimited
Compititors Analysis.
Measurement & Analytics Setup Basic Full Full
A/B Testing
Support Email Email + Skype Email + Skype
Reporting Monthly 15 Days 15 Days
Report Leads, Conversion Rate, ROI Leads, Conversion Rate, ROI Leads, Conversion Rate, ROI
PPC Packages Silver
Best Suitable for Start-up
No. Hours Work 25
Account Setup (Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin) 1
Target Keywords 200
Compititors Analysis.
Measurement & Analytics Setup Basic
A/B Testing
Support Email
Reporting Monthly
Report Leads, Conversion Rate, ROI
PPC Packages Gold (Popular)
Best Suitable for Small Business: Services Website
No. Hours Work 45
Account Setup (Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin) 2
Target Keywords 500
Compititors Analysis.
Measurement & Analytics Setup Full
A/B Testing
Support Email + Skype
Reporting 15 Days
Report Leads, Conversion Rate, ROI
PPC Packages Dedicated
Best Suitable for Enterprise/Ecommerce
No. Hours Work 65
Account Setup (Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin) All
Target Keywords Unlimited
Compititors Analysis.
Measurement & Analytics Setup Full
A/B Testing
Support Email + Skype
Reporting 15 Days
Report Leads, Conversion Rate, ROI


There is not contract and you can cancel anytime. But we recommend you should continue SEO for at least 6 months to show you significant growth.

What Our Clients See Us Like?

Our clients have always banked upon us as a leading PPC campaign management agency. One of them says:

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Process With Proven Strategies

We are the expert digital marketers who only use proven strategies for marketing, based on the requirements and the industry type of the client. Plus, we even ensure to provide unparalleled measurable results.

  • 01
    Understand client business
    Understand client business
  • 02
    Analyze Opportunities
    Analyze Opportunities
  • 03
    Execute Strategy
    Execute Strategy
  • 04
    Update progress Report
    Update progress Report

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What is PPC/Sponsored Search Engine Placement?

PPC stands for Pay per click in which you need to pay to Google, Bing, Yahoo etc... as users click on your ads. They normally show ads at the top or at the bottom of the page for the keywords you have added into your campaign.

How much do I pay if someone clicks on the link to my Web site?

Every time someone clicks on your ads, you will pay the fee associated (your bid price) with the specific term searched for and clicked on.

Typically, you will establish a maximum Cost Per Click Bid (the most you will pay for an individual click) and a Total Daily budget amount. The bids can vary substantially ranging from a minimum bid of $0.10/click to super-competitive keywords reaching up to $25.00/click.

For example, if you are selling iPhone X, and your bid is 3 USD per click. You need to pay maximum 3 USD if someone clicks on your ads in Google/Bing/Yahoo search result. You will never pay more than your maximum daily budget.

How I can increase leads/product sell with Sponsored Search Engine Placement?

Your business will not grow unless you are constantly generating new business, and PPC/ sponsored Search Engine Placement lead generation is a great way to help fuel that desired growth.

Your ads will start appearing at the top of Google within 24 hrs you start with the campaign (provided Google/Bing approve your ads and keywords). This will help you to reach to your desired audience fast and since your ads will showcase to the users who are looking to buy product/service you can expect leads/product sell.

Another important thing is you can measure your spending/expense in PPC, lead. This will help you to measure ROI and you can optimize your budget accordingly for the coming month with data.

What should be my monthly budget for PPC/Sponsored Search Engine Placement?

You can start with as little as monthly 100 USD - 10,000 USD or as much as you want. You should start with a small budget and optimize budget as per ROI (Return on Investment) you get from the campaign. Ideally budget should be unlimited as far as ROI is positive.

For example, after spending 1000 USD if you got a profit of 2000 USD your ROI is 200%. You should increase your budget to 1500 USD for the products/service you got more business and do the reverse for the product/service you did not get ROI.

How to measure ROI (Return on Investment) for Sponsored Search Engine Placement?

ROI (Return on Investment) menace what you are receiving for every $1 spent on AdWords.

REAL ROI = (Profit – campaign cost) / campaign cost

This means if your ROI is reported as 400%, you are receiving a $4 return for every $1 spent on AdWords. Assuming your revenue is $500 from $100 spent, the calculation is simple:
ROI = (500 – 100) / 100
ROI = 400%

A negative ROI means you are spending more than you are making. For example, ROI = (70 – 100)/100 = -30%.

i.e. You are spending $3 to earn $1.

When you (ShoutnHike) will send report to measure progress?

We will send a report every 15 days/1 month depends on the package you have selected. We will send below things,

Working and non-working Keywords, Ads, Ad groups, Landing page optimization and area of improvement to increase ROI in the coming month, Ideas to grow your leads/product sell further online.

What you need to start with the campaign?

We will need two types of details,

  • Business Details
    Products/service you would like to promote, your unique selling points, targeted region, audience, average profit margin

  • Campaign Details
    Monthly budget, Analytics accounts, developer/designer details who will implement changes on the website (in case you don’t have we will take care of the same with applicate charge).

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How do we ensure success?

We are a pay per click marketing agency that always bring the clients with leads starting from the first week of the campaign. That is why, we make extensive use of various PPC technology tools to design ad campaigns that provide measurable results and maximum ROI for all our clients.