15 Questions that you must need to ask before hire SEO Company

Chirag Shah
February 3, 2018
20 Questions that you must need to ask before hire SEO Company

Your SEO company will decide the fate of your digital marketing in the industry. You have a crucial task to decide which SEO company is the best for you and your company. If in case you end up selecting the wrong one, you might have to pay a huge penalty for this.

You just cannot take any risk which might spoil your online presence. The world of digital marketing is fast changing and there are many agencies to choose from. Here we give you a few tips based on which you can select your SEO company in Ahmedabad.

  1. Ask for the itemization of the digital marketing strategy. If the prospective agency fails to do so, understand that is not the right one for you.
  2. The content is the king of the market, so ask how are they going to turn around your content to suit the SEO requirement.
  3. Ask them if they are going to work on the current content or going to add new to it? Also, ask them the importance of content optimization.
  4. The external inbound links are of great importance, so ask them how are they going to work on it? They should be able to answer questions such as, how many new links will be added per month? What kind of links they will add to your website etc.
  5. Before you think to commit to a proposal, make sure you who is responsible for which task. There are many fraud freelancers in the market who will provide you with vague commitments and at the end of the day will help you in no way.
  6. You need to know who is working on your project, so ask the manager if he can let you meet the team who will work on your digital marketing project.
  7. Your competitors’ strategies at times are really helpful to build yourself up. Ask the SEO company if it is working for any of your current competitors in the market?
  8. The SEO company needs to know the tits and bits of your industry. Without the know-how of your industry, an SEO company cannot provide you with a good marketing strategy.
  9. Ask the company about how much time your in-house need to put in for the success of the marketing plan?
  10. It is required that the SEO company meets you in person and understands your organisation. Ask them how often you will have such kind of joint meetings?
  11. When it comes to SEO, the webpage rankings are something that strikes our mind. You can inquire how will your rankings improve in the search results.
  12. Ask them to show some of their previous works and case studies.
  13. An SEO company needs to report you weekly or monthly. Inquire about how often they will be sending you reports?
  14. Once you get your report and the new campaign, clear out with the company that how you and your in-house team is going to act on the plan prescribed.
  15. Keep strict guidelines in your contract. Ask for an out clause such as a starting deadline of 30 days.

When you are satisfied with the answers to the above questions, you can trust the SEO company and put your trust on it to get a well-researched digital marketing strategy for your company.

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