4 Reasons Why Your Website Rankings Are Not Stable

Chirag Shah
November 5, 2018

SEO can be confusing and frustrating sometimes. You work very hard to achieve a good search engine rank. But it barely lasts a day and you’re back to square one. Every company faces it. It can not only be very irritating but also pretty disheartening.

The problem is reversible!

Contrary to popular belief, this problem does not come out of the blue. It is not a matter of luck and can be resolved by addressing certain issues. We, as a famous SEO company in Ahmedabad, will guide you through the reasons that need to be solved if you wish to have a stable ranking on search engines.

1. Your Website Has Crawling Issues.

Search engines have a mechanism of digital spider crawling. These spiders, crawl the various content online which plays a major role in determining the search engine ranking of that website. Now there can be three types of issues in this crawling:

(ⅰ) The coding of your website doesn’t allow the spiders to crawl through your website.

(ⅱ) The search engine is not able to download the URL of your website.

(ⅲ) The spiders are crawling through private pages on your website.

Solution: Submit your website sitemap into the Google using Search Console to make all the pages crawl fast. Remove no index, no follow tags from the pages and maintain your robots.txt file for crawling issues.

2. Your Hosting Server is Not Serving You Well.

The search engine spiders crawl through the content online many times a day. If during these crawling periods, your hosting server is down, the spiders won’t be able to access your website which will lead to a decrease in ranking. If the spiders are unable to access your website multiple times, they will flag it as an unreliable website for the convenience of the users.  

Solution:  Buy dedicated server that has 100% or 99.99% uptime so our website will never go down. You can go with hosting options like Hostgator, Godaddy etc…

3. Poor Internal Linking

Poor internal linking is also a major issue responsible for decreasing a website’s ranking. There are a lot of ways that could be happening. First of all, you might not have linked your various pages with each other appropriately leading to inadequate crawling. Secondly, though you might have linked your pages, they might not be accessible to the search engine spiders. This happens due to various reasons. Your pages might require sign-up for access or necessarily require certain extensions.

Solution:  Make your header and footer user-friendly and give all the important links in the header and footer to make it more user-friendly.

Also, add relevant page link from the content from cross-linking purpose with targeted keywords as anchor text.

4. Blog to Target Otherwise Unachievable Keywords

Not all your target keywords can be made a part of services and products page. In such a case, you need to use these keywords on different blogs of your website. This will majorly help increase the traffic on your website.

Solution: Promote your informative keywords through the blog section so general keyword will rank for the blog pages and we will get proper rank for our landing pages.

How to Prevent Ranking Instability?

One important thing here is that SEO is all about continuous analysis and updates. You need to keep on monitoring your SEO performance and also find out the errors and issues simultaneously. After finding these problems, you need to make changes in your SEO action plan accordingly.

The issues mentioned here are amongst the most prominent ones. But don’t limit your analysis to them. Explore other reasons behind your websites fluctuating rankings and try to address each issue separately and specifically.

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