6 ways to increase your Facebook reach without PPC

Chirag Shah
October 22, 2018

With the growth of social media marketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find a space on the ever-growing world of social media. Even with the change of Facebook algorithm, it is becoming difficult for companies to reach out to their customers organically. While you can use advertisements, increasing traffic organically and showing in audience Facebook feed without PPC is becoming more and more difficult.

Almost every business in India is facing this challenge. Thus, to help you, here are 6 tactics that will increase your organic reach of Facebook.

 1. Post Highly Targeted Content.

Not very long ago, every Digital marketing company in India was trying to build a social media presence by posting a lot of content on Facebook every day. However, with so much of content already floating out there, this has become difficult. The more productive way instead is to post targeted and relevant content. This will increase the engagement on your posts and also boost your reach.

2. Find Out the Best Times to Post.

This is a highly subjective thing as the best time would vary according to the type of audience you are working with. Thus, you need to find out the time when your audience will be most active. Posting relevant content during that time has very high chances of being shown in your audience’s Facebook feed.

3. Turn Your Page into a Community.

Your Facebook page is not simply for promoting your blog. Thus, it won’t be of any use if all it does is redirect the audience to your blog post. What you actually need to do is make it a community where people can interact, with each other, as well as the people from your team. This will make them more interested in your page and increase the engagement.  

4. Create More Videos.

Videos work as the most interactive form of content online that not just grabs user attention, but also retains it successfully. Create as many relevant videos as possible that are fun and interesting to watch for your audience. You can also make use of Facebook Live. This will acquaint users with the activities of other people on your page as well, projecting you as popular.

5. Use Advocates and Influencers

You can collaborate with various advocates and influencers popular in your industry. By making them a part of your marketing campaign, you increase your success in two ways. First of all, it gives a sense of credibility to the viewers which add to your brand image. Secondly, you can also reach out to the audience of the influencers you are working with.

6. Become Active in Other Groups

Joining and staying active in other groups from your industry gives you an opportunity to directly interact with the people from your industry. You can connect to a filtered amount of people who are the genuine stakeholders of your business and are thus important for your business growth.

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