Blogs best practices to help you in ranking and better user experience

Chirag Shah
August 10, 2018


Talk to the professionals from any SEO company in India and they will tell you that writing content and posting it online is not enough for a good content marketing strategy. In order to get better results in the process in the form of ranking, visits and lead improvement, you need to follow some points in content writing. You need to work to make the overall user experience better if you wish to profit from content marketing. Here are some practices that you should follow.

1. Font Family

Verdana is the best font style you can and should choose that will help you increase your ranking. 

2. Font Size

The ideal font size range that ensures the best visibility is 15 – 18 px. Additionally, choose the font color to be dark grey for optimum results. 3.

3. Image

Images play a very important part in your content. You should always select some relevant images related to your topic. If you are writing about a product, you can also add the product page link along with its image. Always remember to add alt + title tag to all your images.

4. Image by developers

Creating new and better images with the help of developers that highlight the product benefits is also a great option.

5. How to store images

You can use Google Drive to store images. Create domain folder name and create a subfolder with the name (blog images) and put all the images that you have created with developers.

6. Heading/ Subheading

Headings and subheadings play an important role in making the content more readable and easy-to-understand. That is why always make efficient use of them by putting headings in H1 and subheadings in H2.

7. Keywords

Not only are you supposed to add keywords to your content but you should also highlight them properly. But always make sure to highlight only 3 or 4 keywords. Also, add necessary plugins for auto-generation of links whenever a particular keyword is used. This will work as a huge time saver for you.

8. Tag creation

Only use informative keywords in the tag and not targeted keywords since that can create an error in the landing page.

9. Category Creation

Always use generic keywords for creating categories. For example, if you are creating a category for SEO Company in Ahmedabad create a category of SEO only.

10. Links

With related keywords or topics, you can add links to pages or even blogs. Use the Google URL builder to get detailed reports in Google analytics.

11. Where you have to select keywords and landing page

Use domain strategy sheets to find out appropriate keywords and links.

12. Social circulation

Use different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, etc. to circulate your blog amongst your target audience.

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