Digital Marketing Trends We Are All Set To See In 2019

Chirag Shah
December 7, 2018

If you give a close look to our daily routine, you will see that your complete schedule is technology driven. From the morning mails tonight WhatsApp chats, we have everything at our pace. We have controlled our life in our hands with remote control appliances and voice control apps, and this is all gifted to us by technology. According to a digital marketing company in India technology and digital marketing are to faces of the same coin. Since 2019 is on our heads, we are ready to see the top digital marketing trends in 2019.

Voice search is going to expand

In the coming years, it is expected that voice browsing will increases. If you have used Siri, Google assistant, or Bixby, you will know that voice browsing is quite easy. When you have very less time to type or you are unable to type, voice search is a great way to get results. Most of the companies will start implementing this technology in the coming year, and it is expected to come in use for at least 50% searches by the year 2020. However, it will still take more time to be a norm.

The new intelligence is artificial intelligence

When we look back in 2016 and 2017, we see ourselves bringing AI-powered tools with us. You can call it a craze now because, in future, this blend of machine learning, predictive analysis, and natural language processing is going to be your habit. The Facebook message bot and the recommendation list on Netflix are the examples of things you are using but don’t know about the technology behind them.

We will become more live on social media (video marketing)

Since we are getting lazier, video marketing has its time to get active. You don’t have to pick up a high-quality camera to shoot your videos because the visitors are used to of watching low-quality videos. What will bring more popularity to videos is that the information is delivered in a better way and there is more entertainment. With the increased use of smartphones and the availability of high-speed internet, short messages are better understood with videos.  

Nothing is there to replace the king- content

2018 was the time of realization of quality content, and that’s why the king is firmly on its place. The trust of advertisements is decreasing which will bring more confidence to content. The increase in the use of ad-blockers shows that engaging and informative content is going to be noticed more. Delivering quality content to your visitors on a daily basis will make you more popular. If you want to top up with something better, try your hands more on visual content.

Programmatic advertising will continue

The use of automation technology for the sell and purchase online media will continue to reach heights in the coming year. Online ads, videos, streaming modules, TV, and voice are all part of it. The technology has made it possible for companies to make real-time decisions. The results are going to be far better than the usual ad-campaigns. Marketing will become an omnichannel journey with the improved use of programmatic advertising. The company to company interactions will increase, and there will be less mixup of threads between a company and some vendors.

The next combo- chatbots and marketing automation

The benefit of chatbot technology will be more for customers. They will get the desired information on right time without having to call the customer service executive continuously. So, the customers will not have to explore the frequently asked questions section anymore to find the right answer plus the business owners will also be free to drop this idea. These conversational websites will make the seller-buyer bond stronger.

Machine learning will not step back

The craze for machine learning in recent years will continue to evolve in the coming year too. In this technology, the system learns from data, and better decisions are made with the least human involvement. The development of this technology will make tracking and understanding problems in marketing sales easier. It can even help in creating the best content and presenting it in the best way. You will be able to answer the queries of your clients better and faster.

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