How to Increase Traffic and Generate Leads with Landing Pages?

Chirag Shah
October 15, 2018

Almost every digital marketing company in India provides services that help increase traffic and generate leads by increasing the conversion rate. Read further to find out the necessity of such a service.

What is conversion rate?

Conversion rate can be defined as the number of leads generated per 100 website visitors or the number of clients obtained per 100 leads generated.

How conversion optimization can help website?

The conversion rate optimization services in India help companies increase their business with the same number of visits. That is, the number of leads generated per 100 visits by doing smart work, for example, the conversion rate can become 2% from 1%.

Tips for conversion optimization with landing page

Home Page                   

A lot of interesting features like Chat Box, Pop-ups, Web push notifications, etc. can be used for making the home page more interactive and generating more leads.

Users can contact us easily

Landing page helps users contact the company easily from any of the website pages and thus get information like address, email-id, contact number, etc. quickly.

Increase trust

A landing page increases the credibility by showcasing the logo, tagline, certifications, etc. of the company and increases the trust of users.

User friendly navigation and steps

It helps users reach to any page with maximum two clicks, making the website more user-friendly. You can also add a search button for this.

Draw users’ attentions

A continuously increasing visitor or client counter or a live drawing in making can attract the attention of the users.

Competitor analysis

Compare your website with that of your competitors to get some more industry-specific ideas that can make your website better.

Service Page/Landing Page

Here, add big and clear images that decrease the bounce rate of the website. Also highlight buttons like buy now or contact us to increase business.

Contact Us Page

Make a dedicated page for this that can include the Google Maps location of your office, contact number, timings, etc.

Thanks page

Here, you can use infographics to display the company portfolio and also add your contact details.

About us Page Design

Use a colour theme according to the logo and add some information about your company including vision, mission, history, etc. You can also add tabs like Request Demo’ or ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Testimonials’.

Footer Page

Add the important page links like Services, Contact Us, About Us, etc. along-with links to your various social media profiles. You can also add details of any certifications that you have.

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