Online ICE GATE – SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

Chirag Shah
February 8, 2019
Case Study

Online ICE GATE is a well known educational institute established with an aim to provide online GATE classes to the individuals who are trying to pursue further academic education in the field of engineering. The problem with most of the GATE aspirants is that after completing their graduation, most of them are placed in their respective work life. It becomes very difficult for them to attend regular GATE classes and a majority of them skip the idea only because of this reason.

Online ICE GATE works for these individuals and provides comprehensive online books, video lectures, mock tests and everything that is required for an individual to pass GATE with flying colors. And, all these are available at the comfort of one’s home. The training institute had the vision to take these online learning philosophies to the end user and they identified that digital marketing is the best medium to do so.

Luckily they came across the profile of Shout n Hike and being impressed by our previous work profile, they handed over the responsibility of introducing the online GATE classes to Google. Our team worked very hard on the project and guess what, we achieved what we anticipated.

The following section of the case study will give you a detail of how we approached this work and how it turned out for us and the institute both:

1. Client Requirement

As stated earlier, the domain of the client is old but the online user experience was not good. When we started working on it, nothing showed up when we typed the search query of online GATE. The client throws us with a comfortable budget and asked us to bring in traffic and leads with the help of organic as well as paid methods. Once knowing this, we know what should be our next step.

2. Challenges Faced

The client had initially ranked 30+ keywords but there was no response from the users. We immediately understood that the UX features of the website are missing and we tried our best to revamp the website and gave it a new and exceptional look. Further, we made sure that we provided the institute with all sorts of digital solutions.

3. Our Teams Approach

We followed a very basic approach to solving the problems faced. We knew that the website needs to be well-designed and optimized and thus, we did the same and changed the entire layout of the website. We witnessed that they started selling the products as soon as we changed their website.

Next, we designed a good paid and organic campaign for the website. We followed things such as conversion optimization, site on page, structure optimization and so on.

Social Media is something no one can ignore. We started their Facebook and Instagram posting to popularise the brand and its philosophies. We took help from Google Adwords and create an exceptional campaign for them.

The Outcome

After months of hard work, today more than 15 keywords are ranked on the top in Google. The YouTube branding was successful after the first phase only. We later witnessed great e-commerce conversions rates.

The Client Statement

We wanted to shift from the conventional marketing methods to the digital ones. We tried giving this responsibility to Shout n Hike and the first meeting only was very effective and creative. The team was elaborate in the approach and they could convince us that they are the best for us. We met the digital team who was supposed to work on the client and by looking at each minute detail, we gave them the project. We are happy to take that decision as it completely transformed our business. Our student base has increased drastically and their website design is just incredible.

I liked the most about Shoutnhike Digital Marketing Company in India is an enthusiastic and cooperative team, the working process is also good, giving technical support to the client with 100% satisfaction.

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