How to Produce article topics to help you in SEO and branding

Chirag Shah
August 17, 2018

Talk to the professionals of any digital marketing company in India and they will tell you that article writing is the best way to improve ranking and branding and get more referral visits to your website. But the question that remains is how to come up with article ideas and find the correct article writing topics.

Following are some content ideas that will help you with it.

Discuss with clients

A client knows his/ her business better than any SEO company in Ahmedabad. That is why you should begin the process by discussing with them. You should try and understand the target audience first before you start formulating blog post topics.

Keyword research

Getting access to content and/ or making purchases are the two most important intentions behind any search on Google or other search engines. For increasing your website’s reach, providing people with the content they are looking for is one of the best options. You can do this by adding all the keywords people use to search on Google for information. Tools like Google keywords tool and Keywords can help you find such relevant keywords.

Just enter the related key phrases and your target region and you will find a list of keywords that will help you generate a lot of blog niche ideas.

Find topics using brainstorming

Here are some common points that will help you brainstorm better ideas for articles on different topics.

Before Buying

What is the function of your product? How will it help end users?

For example, let us think that the Story Ideas are required for a Digital marketing company in Ahmedabad. Then your Blog Subjects Topics should inform customers about the benefits and necessity of digital marketing services.

  • ➧ What are the different product types and their unique features?
  • ➧ How does the product guarantee high Returns on Investment?
  • ➧ Things to consider to buy cost-effective products


While the purchase

  • ➧Benefits of the product/ services
  • ➧ Your credentials (Certifications, Portfolio, Reviews, Price comparison, USP-Unique selling points)

After buying (Maintenance)

  • ➧ How to use the product efficiently?
  • ➧ When is product maintenance required?
  • ➧ When and why to change the product?


Find topics by reviewing existing contents on the internet

You can also find a lot of Blog Post Ideas by using the mentioned tools.

Tools to Find a topic

From famous articles sites Google keywords tool
Keyword Tool: Get 750+ Google Keyword Suggestions Free
Google Alerts to watch, what competitors are doing, latest trend in your niche, international level trend etc…
Google News
Content ideas but not much relevant

How to find statistics for your content

Adding statistics to your content makes it look more credible and convincing. You can use the following tools for that.

How to find statistics

Just search with your base word + infographics in Google images website design infographics -Helps you to analyze competirors traffic + referral traffic + bounce rate + average visit duration etc… Data accuracy is approximately 80%
Review infographics website for more details.

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