Pulverizer : SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

Chirag Shah
April 9, 2019

About Client:

An ISO 9001-2015 certified firm, N.A. Roto Machines and Moulds in India are engaged in the manufacturing of NAROTO brand Rotational Moulding Plants for the past 36 years. 36 years is a wide span and the experience gained in these years have taken the company to the heights of success. The company today, enjoys the top position in the industry.

Out of the whole spectrum of products that NAROTO deals with, this section is dedicated to plastic pulverizers mainly. The plastic pulverizer division of NAROTO offers exceptional pulverizers for various industries such as Powder Coating, Roto molding, PVC Pipe Industry, and master batch. The pulverizers are manufactured with equal precision and expertise as their rotational molding counterparts with an aim to provide the maximum benefits to their clients. NAROTO pulverizers are accepted across the world and currently, more than 900 machines are running successfully in the market.

That being said, you must have understood that the company deals in a large scale business. If that is so, what was it that they lacked? There was an amiss somewhere in their digital marketing strategy. Shoutnhike’s team was hired to cater to exactly that.

Client’s Requirement :

We do not say that this client did not have any online presence. They did enjoy their online presence but they need to target more specific leads. None other than pure SEO techniques seemed a solution.

Challenges Faced :

The company had a website but frankly, it was equal to not having one. Our main challenge was to create an amazing website to help them generate leads online and find their target audience to provide further leads in India and abroad.

This company deals in a specific niche and simply creating a website would not have helped much.

Shoutnhike’s Approach :

We followed the basics of digital marketing and ensured that we go step by step to achieve the desired outcome.

  1. Our first step was to create a world-class website so that a reliable and trustworthy platform was ready where a user can get all the relevant information about pulverizer.
  2. We ran a remarketing campaign as well to ensure that no stone is left unturned to achieve the desired results.
  3. From the page optimization to conversion optimization, we did everything we could to take the client’s website on the top search results.
  4. We made effective changes in meta, reduced the page loading time so that any internet user who visits the website is not irked by the slow page loading speed.
  5. Lastly, we updated all the social media profile banners and created an effective online presence of their business.

The Results that Followed :

  1. We got the first position in the google search results for many keywords such as water tank pulverizer and other pulverizers keywords in India.
  2. Our client told us that they   10-20 more leads after the digital marketing campaign was applied.
  3. Furthermore, the conversion rate was improved due to website optimization and required content changes.

We found that the client was happy with our digital marketing services.

You can reach out to us if you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad for your company.


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